Saturday, August 1, 2009


So much has happened and I can't sleep, so I wanted to share.
I just told the story of my day to Ralph and his only response was "wow". Maybe he was really tired from working at the shop all day...but that's the only thing he said. Wow.
*just looked up "wow" in the dictionary
wow=Used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure.
Thanks Ralph, I'll take it.

Part 1: The telephone

This morning I got a call from Miss English Rose aka Lily Baxter (who, by the way, does have an English accent) and we decided on a 1:00 pick up time for the dresser.

She sounds like someone I could really be friends with- rambles on and on about where the house is and that it's not really her house (it's her uncle's) and "oh! there's a few more things you might as well take a look at while you're there to see if you'd be interested in" (yes!) and "oh! you have a blog? I'd love to read it sometime...." you get the drift...we like to talk.

Part 2: telephone

I called my uncle.

My fingers were a bit shaky and my heart was beating fast...but I did it. I actually talked to him. Can you believe it?!

Unfortunately, he's out of town. He'll be back next week and would love to meet for lunch so we can talk. I agreed and am already planning on another quick trip up next weekend. I may sound total control freak but I would rather find out more about him than him finding more about me. Where I work, what I do, what my life is like. I just want to hold my cards close on this one.

Much more to come...

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  1. Smart girl..."hold your cards close", I couldn't agree more.


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