Sunday, August 9, 2009


My weekend didn't go exactly as planned...but it's all good. My uncle had to cancel because of some meeting he needed to go to; but I decided to still go up and take the day to see Jack, pick up the dresser, and entertain a very energetic Benson. I'm glad I did. This was the day Jack had planned--a rowboat and a picnic getaway (isn't that the sweetest?). He said he would have added wine to the basket, but he knew I was driving back (how sweet that he thinks of my safety) and yes...he made the little vase with flowers (loving that he thinks of the "extras").
It was such a dreamlike day...who does this kind of stuff anymore? Jack is easy to talk to and laugh with and I'm learning more about him and actually sharing some things about me (gasp!).
And Benson...OMG this dog LOVES the water. He can't get enough.

After our picnic we went back and packed up the dresser...she needs a lot of work! I got to see the other furniture--too perfect and polished for A French Cloud but GORGEOUS pieces...they certainly don't belong in a potting shed.
Color me curious about Jack Hudson. I think I've upgraded our relationship from "smitten" to "enchanted", we'll see where all this goes. Jack mentioned he could always drive to see me and I might take him up on his offer.

This was Benson at the end of the day. I kind of felt the same way...relaxed, happy, and dreaming about good things.


  1. Oh my gosh.....WOW! The fairy tale continues! :)

  2. I feel like your dog.
    Sunday and I am "dog" tired!
    Happy week ahead!


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