Sunday, August 2, 2009


On with the weekend. I feel like you should have a bucket of popcorn and a large fizzy drink-this adventure sounds more and more like a movie of the week.

My last stop was to pick up the dresser and then head back home. I didn't expect to see such a cute little cottage. So adorable (my cell phone camera doesn't do it justice).
I knocked on the door but no one was there so I put Benson on his leash(I've learned something over this weekend) and headed towards the backyard. Benson started tugging and pulling and rounding the corner and we ran (literally) into Jack.
As in; Jack who I just had breakfast a few hours ago with. I kid you not.

Total confusion at this point with lots of babbling about Miss English Rose, eBay, and why he's at Lily's house. The answer: Jack is Lily's brother.
He inherited his uncle's cottage (who was a gardener so no wonder the place is so lush) but didn't share his uncle's taste in furnishings. Lily set up the auction because Jack doesn't do computer stuff (he doesn't even own a cell phone!) and the rest is history.
We went inside and picked up where we had left off that morning. Easy to talk to, close to his family, loves dogs- what's not to like?!
Lily arrived about 30 minutes later. Love her. So open, honest, and a great sense of humor. I had to ask why she has the accent and I can't hear one with Jack. Lily said she takes "good care of hers" since they moved to the states (over twenty years ago) where Jack only brings it out for special occasions (and swoon...he did bring it out..geesh...I'm such a loser)
The dresser was in the "potting shed" and I had a peek at it but unfortunately there were no keys to be found. Jack was going to bust a window but I said that I was going to be coming up next weekend so I could pick it up then-works out perfect. It will be interesting to take a look at all the other pieces in there--they look beautiful but more polished and formal than what I usually go for.
It was a great day. I stayed for a late lunch and was truly enchanted with this family. I hope to learn more...I'm smitten.


  1. Okay, this is better than most romantic movies! And I only hope with all hope that it has a VERY HAPPY ending!

    Aren't you glad you decided to go on this 'road-trip' adventure?

  2. Yep, I must agree....sounds like a sweet, romantic novel!

    Glad to hear that you had the courage to call your uncle also. God bless you on this journey....For many reasons, it sounds like it might be a "best seller!" ;)

  3. If only my life WERE like this on a day to day basis! Most of the time I'm just a shopgirl doing what I've got to do to keep the store running...this weekend WAS magical :)


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