Friday, July 31, 2009

Great Day

I got a late start but the day was going amazingly well. I was enjoying some tunes (Regina Spektor's latest and my newly discovered Lenka) while Benson was lapping up the fresh air. Three hours later, I decided to hit a park that bordered our final destination. Benson was thrilled and to be honest it did feel good to get out and stretch. After this pic was taken--Benson bolted. It was like a scene from a movie. Wild, crazy dog running through overgrown shrubs and trees while wild,crazy owner runs after dog then wild, crazy owner crashes into overgrown shrubs and trees fearing she may have broken her arms,legs, or neck. Seriously. When I think of it must have been really funny...but not at that moment.

As I'm disengaging myself from the landscaping in the park- worried about my health but more worried about Benson- I hear "Excuse me, Miss? Are you looking for something?"
I spin around (looking like a complete fool) and there is Benson sitting next to a very nice looking man and I really think- honest to goodness- that Benson was smiling.
The stranger helped me out of a tangle of branches and explained that he was playing with his dog and Benson joined in the fun. I didn't know if I should be happy that Benson was safe or angry that he bolted from me.
Anyways--long story somewhat short- the man had just moved to town, owns the sweetest yellow lab, and is a dog trainer. And here I am with my dog who basically ran away from me. Unfortunately I didn't get the guy's name but he was very encouraging under the circumstances.
We're in the hotel and tomorrow I'll set up a time to scoop up my ebay find. I'm thinking I may be giving someone else a call as well. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Benson is the perfect partner in crime!

    Shame on you for not getting the dog trainer's busines card...wink! wink! :)

  2. My nieghbor had an Airedale Terrier when I was little and your dog reminds me so much of theirs! So cute :)


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