Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bag lady

I'm pretty much a one bag for two seasons sort of girl.
Spring/Summer gets a bag with color, something fresh and fun while my Fall/Winter bags enjoy classic colors in a fashionable look. I feel like I pay triple digits for most of my bags (it just happens...I'm not looking to spend hundreds...but I always end up and fall in love with the ones with the hefty pricetags) and I feel like I should wear them and enjoy them with most of my wardrobe without the worry and hassle of changing to go with this outfit or that outfit.
What about you? Do you change your bags daily? weekly? or do you use one bag for all seasons?
*loving this but not owning Rebecca Minkoff from SFA.


  1. I am a 3 bag girl, A Classic Brown Leather Bag, A Chic Black Bag and my favortie bag of all, my Zebra Bag from Old Navy....Which to me goes with every outfit of I love the bag in the pic, its very very chic!!!!

  2. I'm a one bag gal! Don't make me hassle with changing things from one to another - time is of the essence!

    However, I believe if I found THE perfect bag (yes, I'm still looking), I would never let it go and use it for every season.

  3. i'm a one bag girl
    and currently still in love with one i've been using for over a year


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