Sunday, July 26, 2009

Treasure Hunting Rules

You may think I'm nuts, but I've got my eye on this on eBay:I love to find the beauty in such a piece by sanding it down or with paint (ivory? black?), new pulls, and some TLC. Unfortunately, some people start bidding, bidding on the piece at the beginning of an auction and drive the price up. People. I want this cheap and your bids are not helping. From the sounds of it, I can actually drive and pick this up, so it could be a steal (and maybe a certain cute dog would accompany me?! no word on the owners, folks.)
For the larger pieces at my shop I search estate sales, word-of-mouth ("my grandmother has such and such and would you be interested?")flea markets and traveling across the finding a piece I can turnover on eBay is unusual (shipping is astronomical now). Auction ends tomorrow...I'll let you know.


  1. Here's to hoping you win...and those others stop playing bidding games!

    Okay, you just answered my last question in the previous post...the boy is still with you! yippeee! Did you happen to take him to see if he had a microchip to be scanned? Of course, this is only if you WANT to find out if he belongs to someone near. ;)

  2. hello mel,
    thanks for stopping by~ thanks for your suggestion and yes, went to the vet to have it checked out. It's almost like this pup fell from the sky (an angel?)I can't believe someone wouldn't be searching high and low...if he took off tomorrow- I might go to the ends of the earth :)

  3. Sweet chest and love your 4 legged visitor.
    Will be back for an update on your series of events....


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