Friday, July 17, 2009

second in charge

hello everyone. my name is Ralph and I owe my life to Natalie and a French Cloud *grin*
I love working here. I sometimes feel like Natalie shouldn't pay me because I do have so much fun; but there are other times when she bids and wins a pair of hideous candlesticks (thanks eBay) that I must use my superpowers of persuasion on Mrs. Adams and tell her how fabulous they would look in her entryway that I feel like I should get double my salary.
Natalie's a dream. I only wish she would go out more. I beg her to come with the boys and me to Martini Madness but she always comes up with an excuse not to go. Help her, readers!
Speaking of, I need to teach her blog etiquette. She comments, you comment. She's a lonely girl. She's reading over my shoulder so I should go.

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