Thursday, July 30, 2009

shop dog

Having Benson at the shop is hilarious. This dog finds the funny in everyday life and although my manager, Ralph, goes crazy picking up after him; I secretly think he adores this new found friend.
Benson's new doctor gave him the "thumbs up" as far as health goes and his only guess as to why no one has claimed him is that "he's a handful". Yes, he is...but he fills my heart with so much more.


  1. Oh Beson is too cute!!! How fun! :) XOXO

  2. He's a handful because he is smart..and this little guy will be the best companion for a very long time!

    Shhhh...Ralph is going to fall for him really soon, if he hasn't already!

  3. what a character! i love a dog with some personality.

    i just discovered your lovely little blog and will be stopping by again soon!

  4. I love shops with dogs in them, it's half the reason I walk in! Benson is just adorable.

  5. That Benson is just too cute. I love that he landed in your open arms and that he is healthy too!

  6. sweet benson is perfect! so glad that he is healthy and well. i can't even begin to say how much having a dog adds to my life....they are great company and when times are tough they somehow seem to understand better than anyone else! enjoy benson {what a cute photo!}


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