Monday, September 7, 2009

give me a minute

This weekend chewed me up and spit me out. When will I start thinking with my head and stop listening to my very foolish heart? It's very complicated and I'm feeling as if my thoughts are spinning when I think about it and I'm really not sure if I should even be writing about something so raw.
Basically, my uncle just filled me in on some things about Jack and his family that are not very appealing and I'm a mess. I'm so mixed up about who to believe, how I am feeling, and why is it so easy for me to fall for the happily ever after endings in life?
I promise I'll be back to normal soon...thanks for listening.


  1. Natalie~
    please call Jack or call me! We feel there is so much you haven't heard and need to know.Jack would never hurt you and wants to talk with you so he can clear all this up. I think you need to hear both sides of the story, xLily

  2. Dearest One,

    Sometimes it is best to just step back and take a 'break' and the answers will come. It's never fun to go through a 'he said, she said' struggle - especially when it involves affairs of the heart and family.

    Hoping your French Cloud finds a silver and happy lining soon.


  3. i second melissas wisedom...

    peace and love sweet girl

  4. I just found your blog through Inside the Loop and read the whole thing. Very interesting story - it's crazy how small the world is. I hope things work out okay with you...I'd love to hear more if you'd like to tell.

  5. A silver lining.....I like that thought. Hugs~


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