Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't wake me

Just got off the phone with my Uncle and looks like I'll be seeing him on Saturday morning. I could be totally wrong,but as he was giving me directions to his home it sounded like it's close to Jack's cottage!
I never pay too much attention to street names but they all sounded vaguely familiar and when he said to drive past a "small white house on the corner" makes me wonder.
To be honest, Lily (Jack's sister) didn't have many kind words regarding the people who live next door. I don't know all the details, but when Jack inherited his Uncle's home there were a lot of legal mix-ups because the cottage was originally the gardener's quarters for the main house and no one knew who owned what. I guess it was a mess to figure it all out.
Chances are slim that they are neighbors (because that would just be too crazy even for this girl) but we'll see what happens. Have a wonderful, safe, holiday weekend--enjoy your families, friends, pets, and life!
*via most beautiful darling


  1. Life is full of crazy coincidences...enjoy your weekend also!

  2. hope you and benson have a nice weekend..
    cant wait to hear what you learn next :)


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